West Orange Road Solar

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West Orange Road Solar
Orange, MA
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The West Orange road property operated for years as an independent timberland. The property owners had over 4000 acres of forest in central Massachusetts, of which roughly 1500 acres in permanent conservation. The landowners were very enthusiastic about our proposal for a solar farm and the location on their land where it should be built, as it was as section of their property in poor condition.

This was going to offer long-term, reliable income to pay the remaining property taxes on the rest of the land holdings, as well as provide a steady stream of cash for daily operations. The 25-year lease would provide future generations of children and grandchildren with income to meet their land stewardship and conservation objectives.

The location had already been developed with an existing cell tower and had previously attracted numerous gravel pit inquiries over the years. In the final project design, the solar array was placed on a on a south facing hillside, which allowed us to tighten the panel spacing together and use less footprint than most any other project designs. We designed the project so that it is nearly invisible to all the immediate neighbors and only visible from the local highway driving in one direction for roughly 5-8 seconds.

West Orange Road Solar