Wilbur Woods Solar

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Wilbur Woods Solar
Orange, MA
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The Wilbur Woods property was previously owned by original settlers of the valley. The landowners, brother and sister, grew up on the farm and had moved away over 40 years ago but still owned the 130acre parcel. Being in their 80's with children scattered all over New England, the family no longer visited the property and they preferred to sell us the land rather than lease it.

The property was ideal for a solar farm, as it was 30 acres of flat hill top over 3200 feet in elevation, making it completely invisible from the street and the historic farm still on the property. The final solar farm was a 30acre fixed tilt design. Being adamant hikers ourselves, we segmented the project into three separate fenced arrays to allow for continued recreational use in the surrounding areas. We intentionally left the hilltop un-fenced to accommodate any hikers wishing to access the 360 degree vista of the North Quabbin area, that was created.

We worked with the towns and neighbors to ensure we created a nearly invisible project and the continued protection and conservation of a critical piece of land on the projects northern boundary.

Wilbur Woods Solar