December 19, 2021

Community Solar Energy Pros and Cons

Considering that more and more people are interested in renewable energy, various community solar program have been established in the USA to make good use of solar power.  Through community solar subscriptions people can get enjoy the benefits of solar energy systems especially the ones who can't have their own solar panels installed on their properties. The community solar program is extended to businesses, startups, and Saas companies as well.  It is no longer limited to apartments and houses because community solar programs are for everyone.

Although community solar customers have a lot to gain from the community solar program, but just like anything else, it comes with some pros and cons. Here, we will be discussing a few pros and cons of community solar projects. So, keep reading, there is plenty of detailed information here.

Pros - Community Solar Energy

Positive Environmental Affect

There is no denying that community solar In New York have taken a part in saving the plant by controlling climate change. By subscribing to any community solar program, one can make contributions to the environment by using natural sunlight that transforms into renewable energy. It definitely lowers the consumption of electricity made by water. People are aware of the global challenges and if any business or startup uses a solar power system that means the startup has a good start and businesses care about such initiatives as well.

Allows Cheap Electricity

The electricity that is made from water is expensive and prices are on the rise. But due to widespread community solar adoption, people can have cheap electricity. Community solar programs provide resistance against unstable energy prices in the long term as fuel prices fluctuate. By using electricity through community solar companies such as ClearPath Energy community solar, businesses and startups can also have access to cheap electricity. Those who subscribe to such programs will also get a 5 to 10% discount on their electricity bills.

In the beginning, there might be some fluctuations but eventually, you will be able to balance it with utility electricity consumption and soon your bills will be less.

Community Solar Projects Create Job Opportunities

The community solar power requires lesser human input as compared to fossil fuel heavy mechanisms. However, even less human input would be enough to create job opportunities for local people. Establishing community solar farms within the vicinity of a state of areas would allow people to use renewable energy, and locals would be able to get a job in a place where people are ambitious about saving the environment through real action. Plus, solar energy provides an uninterrupted power supply to a regional grid which means, there are no power outages if you subscribe to them

Community Solar Projects Offer Flexibility

One of the greatest advantages of the community solar program is that it is flexible.  If you want a subscription, just apply for it and at a price, you will be able to enjoy the community solar services. You will get your subscription in a week. There are no hidden fees or extra charges. For a business or a startup, you might have to pay the registration fee and the monthly bill. There are no other fees or charges. If you have to move your startup office setup, you can unsubscribe from the program at any time. If you are moving to the same area, you might be able to use that same package for a community solar subscription.

Also, the community solar program doesn't require you to install solar panels on your office rooftop or your home. Even if you do not own the house you are living in or use a rental apartment, you can still subscribe to the community solar program.

Cons - Community Solar Energy

Difficult to organize a Solar Farm

If you are just a mere subscriber, there is no responsibility on you. However, if you are a partner or tend to have ownership in the community solar farm, it could be hard for the business entity to manage such a big project. It would be an expensive venture for any startup as well. Setting up your own solar farms means, there will be thousands of solar panels, and they are really expensive.  

If you consider getting home solar panel installation, it would be difficult to organize solar panels. Plus, maintenance and repairing would make it more difficult.

Community Solar Program is not Accessible Everywhere

Since the popularity of the community solar program, one might think that they are accessible everywhere, but unfortunately, they are not. Big cities and states have multiple solar projects going on, but some states have no community solar programs at all.  According to a survey, only 19 states in the USA have community solar programs. But the industry is growing, and we can hope for the best.

There is no Ownership

Usually, when people get the community solar program subscription, they just get the benefit of service, but there is no ownership. The ownership comes from owning solar panels or the land where the solar farm is established. Since there will b no ownership, a person or a business is not entitled to any Tax benefit.

When it comes to having ownership, Home solar panel installation seems a good option, but that can't be used if you want solar power for your commercial venture on a rental property. Even if you do own the building, the maintenance, repairing, and keeping them organized is so hard, it might actually shift your focus from business aspects.

Another notable thing is that having a community solar program subscription would not have any impact on the ownership of the building unless you are involved with solar panels.

Renewable energy is Cheaper

The renewable solar energy made through the community solar program is way cheaper than the other form of electricity. However, when this energy is sold to subscribers, the company might enjoy revenues and profits from the sale. Still, community solar company are eligible for tax exemptions and federal incentives.