Community solar

The Cost Savings of Solar for All

What is Community Solar?
Quick Community Solar Facts
Community solar allows residents, small businesses, organizations, municipalities and others to receive credit on their electricity bills for the power produced from their portion of a solar array, offsetting their electricity costs.

Community solar allows for equal access to the economic and environmental benefits of solar energy generation regardless of the physical attributes or ownership of an individual’s home or business. In other words, if you can’t install solar directly on your property, community solar can be a good option for accessing the savings and environmental benefits solar provides.

Unlike rooftop solar, community solar gives you all the benefits of solar energy, without the hassle. When enrolling in community solar, you will not only go green and save, but you will also support your local economy by helping to create local jobs and tax revenue.
How it works
How Community Solar Works

Electricity produced by your portion of our solar panels will allow you to save 10% on your monthly electric bill, and helps you support renewable energy.

Step 1
Our Solar Farm

We allocate you a portion of a shared solar farm in your area that will produce clean renewable energy on your behalf - no matter the season.

Step 2
Utility Company

The electricity is sent to your utility company. You will see a credit on your monthly utility bill for the electricity produced by your allocation.

Step 3
Your Home

Your lights turn on as always: no installation, extra costs, or need to switch utility provider. Congrats, you finally get to benefit from affordable clean energy!

Who It's For
Community Solar Positive impact

Homeowners & Renters

Renting? No problem, as long as you pay a utility bill, you can sign up.


Improve your bottom line with community solar savings, no matter your business size.

Schools & Hospitals

Use community solar savings to better serve those who really matter.


Supplement your city or town’s budget with community solar savings.
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