Over the past decade, solar energy has become a popular renewable energy option across the nation.

Solar panels can be installed virtually anywhere- rooftops, open land, community buildings, and even in a singular panel form for personal use, with more forms being developed as technology progresses. Solar energy isn’t only just beneficial for the renewable energy market, however.


There are massive benefits for landowners that are not talked about enough- so here are a few our team has rounded up.


1. Generate long-term income from underperforming land

ClearPath Energy offers several term lengths for our land leasing agreements. This means that depending on your financial wants and needs, you can make money from your leasing agreement for however long you feel is right for you within our available term options.

On top of that, several states are beginning to offer green energy tax credits- New York being one of those states with the Solar Energy System Equipment Credit and several other solar energy initiatives. To learn more about these credits and initiatives, Energy Sage has an article that serves as a great resource.


2. You won’t have to do the maintenance yourself

When it comes time to installing the solar farm on your land, you, the landowner, won’t need to lift a finger except for signing your land lease agreement. When signing a land lease agreement with ClearPath Energy, we will take care of construction and maintenance ourselves. ClearPath Energy hires local construction workers to prepare and maintain your leased land and install the solar panels. An extra benefit of this is you get a front row seat on the construction and installation process and added knowledge on the solar energy sector. 


3. You are helping reduce your community’s dependence on and fossil fuels

By hosting the site of a new solar farm you are increasing the amount of households and businesses that can sign up for ClearPath’s Community Solar program. This increase in households and businesses converting to solar energy. 


4. Provide jobs for local economy

Here at ClearPath Energy, we pride ourselves on hiring local contractors to build our solar farm sites, which in turn provides jobs and income for the community. We believe it helps get to know our new community better and understanding their wants and needs. Our construction teams frequently venture into town, whether it's to find the best sandwich shop in town or post-work drinks, we like knowing the community's feedback.

Landowners are an essential part of ClearPath Energy’s team as they help put our initiative to provide clean, solar energy to homes and businesses throughout the United States into motion.

Now that you know the benefits of leasing your land to ClearPath, we’d love for you to be part of our team- if you’re interested in learning more, head over to our Contact page to and we'll get in touch!