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Diversified Revenue Streams & Efficient Land Use.

What is Solar Farm Land Development?

Landowners should know.

A solar farm is a large scale installation of photovoltaic panels. These panels together form a solar array, that usually consists of ground-mounted solar panels installed across large areas. The solar farm will then provide power to the electric grid and contribute in part to the local utility’s energy mix.

As a landowner, this is an opportunity for you to lease your open land to ClearPath Energy in order for us to design, build, own and operate a renewable energy project for you and your community.

Hosting a solar farm is not for everyone. But some of the benefits include protection to unpredictable farming weather conditions, bad crop prices, diversified revenues stream and a fixed income for 20+ years. Hosting a solar project can be a sound path.​

ClearPath Energy experienced development team has the tools to analyze and review potential land for solar farm use case. We focus on efficiency and optimization. Ensuring that everything from the design of the system to the placement of the project on your land and in your community is considered.

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How it works

Lease Your Land to ClearPath Energy

Leasing your land for solar project development, frees you from the unpredictable cycle of farming during climate change and diversifies your revenue streams. It is a great opportunity for landowners to generate stable income for 25+ years at a premium. Leasing a portion of your land can also allow for nutrient and land recharge of degraded lands.

Be in touch to determine the feasibility of using your land for a ClearPath Energy solar farm.

Step 1
Site Host Agreement

We negotiate and execute a Option to Lease or an Option to Purchase Agreement with a landowner. Every site and owner are different, so we work with each property owner to meet his or her specific needs.

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Step 2

Landowners collect Rent or Option payments as we continue through the development period. ClearPath works to bring a solar project to life: we manage environmental studies, design the system, secure permits, execute agreements and ultimately construct the project.

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Step 3

Once constructed, a solar farm generates power for 20-40 years. The farm is low maintenance, quiet and works every day. ClearPath keeps the grounds landscaped, and pays rent to lessors.

Solar Project Development Progress


Why Lease Your Land with ClearPath

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Zero Risk

We pays for and manage everything—from lease and rent payments, to development and construction. Property owners turn their land into income at no cost.
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Steady Income

Lease payments are made come rain or shine, regardless of the performance of the project as per our lease agreement.
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ClearPath is a US based renewable power company with years of experience working alongside hundreds of landowners successfully operating solar power plants.
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Soil Quality

Safeguard against over farming or increased tilling of acres of soil by placing an array on site. Giving your valuable farm land a must needed generational break to restore and maintain soil quality.