The solar market is growing fast and the demand for sites to install large-scale solar electric systems is high. ClearPath Energy is looking for parcels of land (preferably 40+ acres) that are suitable for arrays. There are multiple factors to consider before committing to leasing your land for solar development, but we want to make the process as easy to understand as possible.


Top 3 Reasons to Lease Your Land for Solar:

  • Generate additional income for years to come
  • Contribute to the clean energy transition
  • Diversify your land use

Key Considerations for Landowners:

Is your property ideal for large solar arrays?


In general, we look for the following: 

1. 40 acres or more 

2. Cleared of major obstructions 

3. Close to existing power lines and substations 

4. Access to public roads 


Certain site characteristics are especially attractive for solar development, including land that is cleared, south-facing, has road access, and is located near an electrical substation. Typically, we are looking for clear, flat land, with minimal wetlands, which is in close proximity to three-phase power and a substation. It’s also important that local land use and zoning laws allow for the development of solar farms. However, in certain scenarios where the land does not meet all these requirements, a solar farm is still a possibility.


Even if you are not sure if your land meets these requirements, reach out to us! We would love to connect with you.


What are the per-acre lease rates?


Our lease rates depend on several variables. Our goal is to work with our landowners to come to a mutually-beneficial agreement. If you are interested, have your land assessed so we can start talking rates.


Does my municipality have a law in place to regulate solar project development?


Some municipalities have provisions in their zoning code to address the siting, permitting, and installation of solar arrays within their community. Our developers will be able to assist you in understanding how your municipality’s zoning law could affect a solar installation on your property.


Who is responsible for the maintenance of the land once the solar array is installed?


ClearPath keeps the grounds landscaped, troubleshoots any problem throughout the project lifecycle, and conducts regular maintenance.


Who is responsible for dismantling the solar array once the lease expires or is not renewed?

ClearPath Energy will be responsible for dismantling the array and returning the land back to its original condition at no cost to landowners.


Are you interested in learning more? Email us or head to our Property Owner's page for a free land assessment.