Love is in the air!

Each year on Valentine's Day, millions of roses are given, millions of bottles are opened and millions of cards are sent to those you love—but have you ever thought about where all the waste goes after the celebrations end?⁠

American shoppers are expected to spend nearly $2 billion on flowers — most of which will be roses — this Valentine’s Day. Almost all of these roses will have been flown in from across the world, creating an increase in fuel emissions and negatively effecting the environment. 

In today’s world, extravagance has become a norm, but extravagance doesn’t have to be so wasteful.

When you order flowers online from other websites there’s virtually no way to know where they came from. Some sites may say that flowers are grown, sourced, and distributed by local florists, but that isn’t always the case! ⁠⁠We recommend you buy directly from farms and small businesses this V-Day because these flowers are fresher, more affordable, support the community and sustainable farming, and more!

Valentine's Day flower market

We recommend buying flowers sustainably through local farmers or programs like Slow Flower Society. Slow Flowers’ website includes a directory of more than 700 growers across the United States and Canada where you can buy directly from local farmers.

Not only will you be getting beautiful flowers from a local grower but you’ll also be treading lightly on the environment as many of these farms use sustainable practices such as composting and recycling, native planting, and developing habitats for pollinators.