Tully Community Day- September 11, 2021


Our team had the opportunity to travel to Tully, New York, and attend their annual Tully Community Day this past weekend.

Tully is the home of several of our community solar projects that are currently under construction.

Community Day features local businesses and organizations where community members can learn more about the businesses and organizations in an intimate way. Community members can ask all the questions they want to know. or if they just want to catch up with business owners they already know, Community Day is a great way to mingle.

We were able to talk with many Tully community members to answer any questions they had about community solar, who we are, how billing will work, our mission, etc. While many had worries about community solar in their town, we busted any rumors or myths that are common with the community solar industry.

It was a great opportunity to promote our business and mission-to advance the adoption of renewable energy by providing an abundance of clean energy solutions to communities and businesses across the United States- and support the community and businesses who have given us immense amount of support for our community solar projects.

We had over 100 people sign up for our community solar program, which are set to be in service by the middle of 2022.