We’re excited you’ve joined, or have considered joining us, as a subscriber of one of our community solar farms.


With your assigned project now connected to the grid and operating you should expect to see credits on your utility bill within the next thirty to sixty days. We’re thankful you chose us as your renewable energy provider!


You've probably noticed something looks off on your utility bill.


Your utility bill lays out the different charges and credits and where they come from. Unfortunately, with the way the wording of these credits and charges are laid out at the current moment, it seems like we are charging you a subscription cost every month when we are not. Just as it was when you signed your agreement to be a part of one of our community solar farms, we will never charge you a subscription fee to be a part of any of our farms.

Example of National Grid bill with community solar credits applied

[For the purpose of this example information has been changed to present what your bill could look like.]


Let us walk you through the example bill above.


This is taken from the third page of a standard National Grid bill when you are signed up for our community solar program.


CDG Credit- Applied to this Bill represents the total number of credits produced by your allocation of the community solar farm you have signed up for. This is different for each subscriber. 


The CDG Subscription Fee is the verbiage National Grid has chosen to use, which represents the 90% figure of the money that goes to us, ClearPath Energy, as the owners and operators of the solar farm. We share the remaining 10% of the credits with you, the subscriber as per the subscriber agreement you have signed. 


We do not know why National Grid has chosen the wording they have as it has created a lot of confusion. We are committed to making access to solar energy and lower utility bills accessible and remain committed to keeping our community solar subscription free for all.


Why were my total credits for this month low?


On occasion, the first few months of the project being in service you could expect your total credits received to be lower than anticipated. This could be for several reasons.

  1. Depending on what point of the month the projects are finally connected and operating, there will not be a lot of time for energy to be produced during the current billing cycle. This is the biggest reason.
  2. Since the projects are finally connected and operating, there could be unexpected technical problems we run into that are not apparent until the project is connected to the grid. These technical problems could result in the project not producing energy or much at all during a short time frame. 


If you have questions about your particular bill, please don’t hesitate to reach out! You can contact us at contact@clearpath.energy.