Lane Ave

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Lane Ave
Brookfield, MA
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For over 30 years, a family in Massachusetts has owned a 35-acre plot of property.

They had been leasing the land to local hay farmers rather than farming it themselves. The family was nearing retirement and ideally looking for supplemental income. In regards to their property goals, they didn't want to sell their land to a residential developer for the development for housing.

The property's topography included a slope, which would allow for a significant solar installation that wouldn't obstruct the neighbors' views or those of the family. The solar land lease provided, allowed the family to count on steady lease earnings for the next 25 years.

Lane Ave

This project was ultimately developed as a fixed tilt project, with tight row spacing.

We worked closely with the town conservation commission throughout development, even opting not to develop one of the proposed fields in order to better protect a stream, stonewalls and the rural view shed from the North, which was the location of two historic farms nearby. During the construction process, in order to access the utility connection point, we ended up contracting a local landowner to rebuild 800ft of rail trail for the community and as preservation of the historic town elements.

The final design of this project was well supported by the neighbors and abutting properties due to the fact that it was not particularly noticeable, and the community remained strong in its support for the family and their property rights.

Finally, the electrical energy supplied by this project was distributed to National Grid and thousands of consumers via community solar.