Considering Solar for Your Land?

Adding a solar farm to your property adds and extra revenue stream for you, lowers energy prices for your community, and stimulates your local economy.

ClearPath Energy offers competitive solar land leases to landowners with the goal of developing a large-scale solar project on your site. We pride ourselves on being variable in our approach in order to best support our individual landowners and their unique long-term property goals.

Our Project Portfolio

Here you can find individual stories of how we have worked with landowners and communities for each of our projects. 

What We Look for in Land

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40 acres or more
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Cleared of major obstructions
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Close to existing power lines & substations
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Access to public roads
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Why Should You Lease Your Land?

Leasing your land for solar guarantees a payment stream for the duration of the project's lifetime. Many landowners consider this to be an excellent opportunity to extract recurring income from the property they intend to keep in their family for generations.

Upon completion of the project's lifetime and the decommissioning process, the property is returned to the landowner in good condition ready to be farmed or developed as you see fit.

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Working with Greg has been a pleasure. We’re very happy being the landowners of a solar project.

–Louise Woodard, President of Brookfield Orchards, a 345-acre orchard and landowner

Solar has allowed me to maintain the farm as it’s been maintained in the family for four generations.”

–Ken Langevin, Farmer of a 48-acre farm and landowner of a 6.2-acre solar project developed by a  principal of ClearPath Energy

Development Timeline Stages

Find Locations

Sign a lease with the property owner.



ClearPath handles site assessments for an efficient building process.



ClearPath handles all the necessary building and approval permits.



Our construction team and contracted partners handle all construction and installation.



With the completed project, ClearPath coordinates with the local utility to have the solar site connected to the utility lines and set to deliver power.



ClearPath handles all necessary maintenance of the project throughout the project's lifetime.

Ready to Get More From Your Property?

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Frequently Asked Questions
How Much Land Do You Need for A Solar Farm?

5-7 acres per megawatt is needed, depending upon design. An ideal project would be 40 acres.

How Many Years is A Site Lease?

Site leases are 25-45 years.

How Long Does Construction Take?

Physical construction can take anywhere between 3-6 months.

The development process of permitting and utility interconnection can take an additional 12-18 months.

Are There Specific Land Requirements?

We work with all inquiries to determine the suitability of your land and the work required to develop a project on it.

Can I Continue to Farm My Land?

Farming the land surrounding the project is fine. Farming between the solar arrays is a more customized solution that we can work together to determine the suitability of, depending on what type of farming you are wanting to do.

Do I Have to Maintain The Solar Farm?

ClearPath will be responsible for the operation and maintenance of the solar farm. Operation and maintenance typically requires a visit to the site a few times per year.

Is The Solar Farm Disruptive and Noisy?

No! Any noise produced is minimal, below any required level of decibel disruption, and should not be disruptive.

Will The Solar Farm Be Visible?

We work with landowners, towns, and communities to ensure our projects are great fits for them. Sometimes this involves building a fence and sometimes it involves building a project off in a tucked away area. It is a priority develop our projects to be as non-invasive as possible.