What is Community Solar?

A community solar project is a solar array set up by a utility or third-party company, where subscribers can subscribe for free to a share of the electricity produced.

A new way to get green energy on your bill

Subscribers could be residential or commercial customers who would otherwise not have access to rooftop solar panels because they rent an apartment, live in an area without enough sunlight, or their roof is too small.

Sign up today and save up to 10% on electric bills!

Through a community solar program, subscribers will receive an on bill credit of up to 10% a month.  The credit on their electric bill will be applied to the subscriber's own usage, offsetting what they would otherwise have to pay for the electricity.

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Benefits of Using Community Solar

Choose community solar that allows everyone to reap the benefits of solar energy. Through your subscription, you directly support renewable energy, save money on your electricity bill, and help create a cleaner, healthier environment for all.

The presence of a community solar farm in your community provides jobs for residents, stimulates the local economy, and feeds renewable energy into your local grid.

How it works

How Community Solar Works

Electricity produced by your portion of our community solar projects allow you to save up to 10% on your monthly electric bill, and helps you to support renewable energy.

Our Solar Farm
Step 1
Our Solar Farm

We allocate you a portion of a shared community solar farm in your area that will produce clean renewable energy - no matter the season.

Utility Company
Step 2
Utility Company

The electricity produced by the solar farm is sent to your local utility grid company. You will see a credit on your monthly utility bill for the electricity produced by your allocation of the farm.

Your Home
Step 3
Your Home

Your lights turn on as always: no installation, extra costs, or need to switch utility companies. Congrats! You get to benefit from affordable, clean energy.

Who It's For

Community Solar Positive Impact

Homeowners & Renters
Homeowners & Renters

Renting? First time or long-term homeowner? No problem! As long as you pay a utility bill, you can sign up for community solar.


Improve your bottom line with savings on your utility, no matter your business size.

Schools and Hospitals
Schools & Hospitals

Subscribe to ClearPath community solar for extra savings to better serve those who really matter.


Supplement your budget with community solar for savings on utilities.

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