With solar project development at an all-time high,  you might be wondering how these projects come to life.

Part of the reason these projects are able to get off the ground is from homeowners like you.

So, we created this guide to help you understand the project development process, our own company process, and how everyday landowners drive these projects.


With a major push for solar energy project development across the nation, hearing all these new terms and concepts can be pretty confusing. We don't want you to be confused. With the state of the world right now- social unrest, inflation causing rising prices in energy, gasoline, food, consumer goods, and the job market restructuring- we want you to feel that leasing your land to a solar energy company was an easy option to make. And, with ClearPath Energy.

What we also want you to understand what community solar is so you can make informed decisions on your finances and how each solar energy company differs.


What do we mean by "Land Development" and "Leasing your land to solar"?

Check out our main Land Development page- it's the best starting point.

Also check out What Leasing Your Land to Solar Means


You'll probably hear a comment on the type of energy infrastructure near your site- but what does it mean?

Leasing Your Land: Energy Infrastructure Terms to Know


When you want to submit your land for the possibility of hosting a solar farm, what should you be asking the solar company?

Questions to Ask Before Leasing Your Land to Solar


We will be updating this guide as more resources become available. In the meantime, if you have any questions for us, send us an email or comment below and we will get back to you as soon as we can!