Are you interested in leasing your land, but not exactly sure what that entails?

This article will clear that up! 


ClearPath Energy offers both community solar subscriptions and land leasing opportunities. ClearPath Energy will lease your land for anywhere from 25 to 45 years and host a solar farm on your site. Land leasing is perfect for the person who has extra land they are not using, someone who wants to optimize their land usage, or a land owner just looking to bring in passive income.

Leasing your land for solar to ClearPath Energy is an easy way to generate passive income from a piece of property that will be passed down through generations. 


Why should you lease your land to ClearPath Energy?

When you lease your land for solar to ClearPath Energy, we provide a guaranteed payment stream for the duration of the solar project's life. Many landowners consider this an excellent opportunity to extract recurring income from the property they intend to keep in their family for generations to come. Some of the benefits include protection from unpredictable farming weather conditions, crop prices, and diversified revenue streams. 


Having a solar farm will be no extra stress. ClearPath Energy handles all maintenance and repairs required to keep the solar farm in good working order for the project’s lifetime. As a landowner, you have no obligation to maintain the solar farm, and you can continue to use the land around the project as you see fit.

What do we look for in land for our projects? 
  • 1. 40 acres or more

  • 2. Cleared of major obstructions

  • 3. Close to existing power lines and substations

  • 4. Access to public roads

The assessment process can take months as we look into connectivity, ideal land types, and more.


Your Land is Our Priority

Respecting our landowner’s property is a top priority. Not only do we work with each and every landowner to ensure the property is designed to their liking.

ClearPath Energy also follows strict guidelines when assessing farms and works to ensure we are creating positive environmental change.

To ensure this, ClearPath does an environmental impact assessment on all potential community solar sites. The environmental impact assessment asks the following:

  • 1. Will it [the solar farm] be adjacent to a historic or archeological resource?

  • 2. Will it result in the modification or destruction of, or inhibit access to, any unique or unusual landforms on the site?

  • 3. Will it affect one of more wetlands or other surface water bodies?

  • 4. Could it result in a loss of flora or fauna?

  • 5. Will it result in a loss of recreational opportunities or a reduction of an open space resource as designated in any adopted municipal open space plan?

A standard project lifetime is anywhere between 25 to 45 years. Upon completion of the project and through the process of decommissioning, the property is returned to you in good condition and ready to be used as you see fit.

Think yours or someone you love’s land would be a good fit? Head to the Property Owners page to start the assessment process.