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We develop and operate solar energy projects that create clean renewable energy and delivers lasting value.

Renewable Energy Solutions

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Community Solar

Subscribe to community solar energy and reduce your energy costs up to 10%. Simply by opting in as a subscriber to a ClearPath Energy project.


Generate long term income by leasing your land as the site of a ClearPath Energy solar project.
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Corporate Solar

Position your business to participate in sustainability and reduce your energy costs, by purchasing renewable energy from ClearPath Energy projects.

We're different Renewable Energy Company

Customized Solutions
Every project is approached with a fresh perspective and careful consideration of the needs of the community, landowner and the beneficiaries of the renewable energy generated.
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Extensive Experience
ClearPath Energies founding team brings decades of expertise to the field of renewable energy development, in both business & engineering.
Proprietary Technology
We leverage our proprietary technology to ensure that everything from selecting the appropriate plot of land to the efficiency of the system we design is waste free and optimized.
From the point of first contact to permission to operate we are working alongside you in the community and on the site, to ensure a smooth process.
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Maximize Your Land Value
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Betty Wilschmidt
Community Solar Subscriber

Any opportunity to save money on our monthly bills is fantastic. This process was easy, straightforward and honestly a no brainer.

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Monika West
Town Board

Welcoming a solar project to our community had a significant positive impact on our annual budget. This allowed us to implement more projects that directly benefit community members. And with the energy bill savings for local families, choosing ClearPath Energy to work with only made sense.

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John Low

Using some of our acerage for solar only made sense. With our kids grown, taking a break from farming we very welcomed!

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Jacob Holmes
Community Solar Subscriber

As a renter installing solar wasn't an option for me - so I was happy to find out about community solar as an option!

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Community Solar

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How is my allocation determined?
Is there a credit check involved?
What is the sign up process?
Are you replacing my utility provider?
How do I receive my credits?
Do unused credits expire or roll over?


How long does construction take?
How long is a site lease?
How much land do you need?
Are there specific land requirements?
Can I continue to farm my land?
Is the farm disruptive; noise?
Will I see it?