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Revolutionizing Access to Renewable Energy One Doorstep at a Time

We believe that every home, business, and community can be part of the renewable energy revolution—and we envision a future where our company brings that opportunity to every doorstep across the country.

Renewable Energy Solutions

community solar

Community Solar

Subscribing to a community solar farm can reduce your energy costs by up to 10%. Many renters and homeowners are interested in community solar for its easy accessibility and cost savings.

Land solar


Generate long-term income and electricity for your community by leasing your land as a site of a ClearPath Energy community solar farm.

corporate building

Corporate Solar

Reduce your business's energy costs with our Corporate Solar solution by signing up for a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

The All-Inclusive Solar Energy Solution

We are a solar energy company that serves to provide an accessible, inclusive renewable energy option across the nation. We help our subscribers save money on their energy bills and accelerate the transition away from fossil fuels

We're a different Solar Energy Company


Every project is approached with a fresh perspective and careful consideration of the needs of the community, landowner and environment.

Extensive Experience With Renewable Energy Companies
Extensive Experience

Our team brings decades of expertise in engineering, construction, and solar development.

Proprietary Technology
Proprietary Technology

Our proprietary technology ensures that every step of the process is optimized to its maximum potential.


From  first contact to operation, we work with the best teams in the industry and alongside the community to ensure a seamless integration process.

Homes powered in NY STATE
acres developed
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Why Should You Lease Your Land?

Leasing your land for solar guarantees a payment stream for the duration of the project's lifetime. Many landowners consider this to be an excellent opportunity to extract recurring income from the property they intend to keep in their family for generations.

Upon completion of the project's lifetime and the decommissioning process, the property is returned to the landowner in good condition ready to be farmed or developed as you see fit.

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Our Project Portfolio

Here you can find individual stories of how we have worked with landowners and communities for each of our projects. 

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